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Sunday 12th October 2008 quote quote all
Had a bizarre problem with the Focus today. It wouldn't lock/unlock the drivers door from the key fob. However, it would work if you actually inserted the key.

Loads of thread around the web regarding this - most of which suggested WD40 (tried it, no luck) and fuse 63 (couldn't find it, somewhere on the BACK of the Ford Focus fuse box!!!). Also tried reprogramming key to no avail.

Anyway, stumbled across this one fix from the web which worked a treat (copied and pasted directly)...seems it resets the remote system - might be useful to other Focus owners.

Central Locking Test Function:

1. Open any door, keys out of ignition

2. Press the switch in the door frame part of the lock (the one that controls the interior light etc.) 6 times within 4 seconds THIS IS THE SMALL BLACK BOX NEXT TO THE METAL BAR ON THE CAR FRAME WHICH THE DOOR LATCH ATTACHS TO WHEN THE DOOR IS SHUT

The result is a car that (until left alone for a minute) will flash both indicator lights each time any door or the boot is opened and it should also flash if you press any key on the remote.

If this doesnt happen with all doors, it could be a faulty switch or loom.

If it doesnt happen with the remote, it could be a faulty remote.

This function also reboots the central locking module, so it could cure the problem too.


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Saturday 31st May 2014 quote quote all
Top tip - thanks thumbup
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