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Monday 25th September 2006

Aston Martin: UK's coolest brand

Brandsters and public agree about Aston

Aston Martin: the UK's coolest brand
Aston Martin: the UK's coolest brand
As if you didn't already know, Aston Martin has been named as Britain's coolest brand by a bunch of brandsters.

If you're in business, a brand is one of your most important assets. And the Coolbrands council, an initiative from the Superbrands organisation, is said to consist of the country's most knowledgeable people on this topic.

The council judges which brands have created a cool reputation, and includes DJ and MTV presenter Trevor Nelson, designer Ben de Lisi and Dazed and Confused Editor, Nikki Bidder. Superbrands also joined forces with YouGov, an Internet-based research agency, to ask consumers which brands they rate as cool.

Chairman of the CoolBrands council Stephen Cheliotis said: "With ever-evolving trends and interpretations of what is cool, this vital step forward makes the consumer knowledge and experience a fundamental part of the programme."

And according to blogger Diego Rodriguez, it's all in the starter button (see link below).

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