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Friday 24th September 2010


Martinis in Monaco or bingo in Blackpool? Shed can't quite decide...

Having fallen in love with our own M6's mix of restrained looks and continent-crushing performance, this week Shed looks to satisfy an itch that's been developing since the BMW arrived on the PH fleet back in April. Unfortunately, with a hefty price tag in excess of £90K - including extras - the current M6 looks set to remain out of Shed's grasp for a long time. Thankfully, the same is not true for its forefather, the 635CSi.

Like the black M6 currently nestled in the PH car park, the 635CSi's styling points to its grand-tourer credentials, with a long out-stretched bonnet, 2+2 interior and a boot that can comfortably consume a week's luggage. Unlike BMW's current offering, the 635CSi has none of the M6's swoopy Bangle-ised curves, favouring instead 1980s chisel-work, sporting BM's traditional shark-esque snout and twin headlights.

It's not all good news at our budget, mind. This example can't claim to be box-fresh, suffering from corrosion in all the 'normal' places - wheel arches, wings, sunroof, doors and, er, bonnet - but 'nothing serious' underneath... And perhaps this example struggles to hide its near-140,000 miles. A respray apparently suffering from one too many visits to the car wash doesn't help, lending the gold finish a 'charming' patina, but that will only serve to bolster the Bavarian mile-muncher's sleeper credentials.

Lurking underneath the slightly down-at-heel 80's suit is a drivetrain whose heart, reputedly, beats strong. The 635CSi's 3.4 litre straight-six should be good for 185 brake horses, propelling Shed's chariot from 0-60mph in 7.4 secs and on to 138mph. Meanwhile, the smooth-shifting three-speed 'box and ample slug of torque (214 Ib ft) should mean effortless progress, if the cross-Europe dash to Monaco is on your mind. The 'chunnel' at least should be a realistic target, given this example's 10 month MOT and ample list of new parts.

Bought by the vendor as a project that he's been forced to give up, will today's SOTW fall to a member of the PH community ready to convert one man's loss into another's gain?

As the incapacitated vendor puts it: 'grab a real bargain now!' And at £950, Shed's tempted to put its money where its mouth is...

The Advert reads:

Here is my BMW 635 CSI for sale  -  a project which I cannot now do due to knee problems.  Taxed 'til September 2010,  with new MOT Cert. 'til 28th July 2011,  and mileage of 139.5k

This model was designed to be a German competitor for the Italian Ferraris and Lomborghinis of the 1980's,  and has many features as standard which even some cars of today do not have.  A powerful machine  ( 185 bhp ) with excellent comfort levels and performance,  this car cost around £42000 when it was new  -  so grab a real bargain now !!

ENGINE  -      3430CC;  petrol;  great starter and runner;  no overheating;  new radiator fitted just before I bought car;  heater and air-con both working.

GEARBOX  -  Automatic;  3 speed;  switchable modes of "economy"  -  "sport"  -  " pre-select";  smooth changes through gears;  new selector cable fitted last week and 'box serviced at a   cost of £450.00.

ELECTRICS  -     All working;  on-board computer modes all functioning;  light check computer working fully;  sunroof opens and tilts;  all electirc windows work;  electric aerial needs plastic securing dome.

SUSPENSION  -  PAS;  recent cross strut fitted;  alloy w

heels;  good tyres.

BRAKES  -         Working well.

INTERIOR  -       Ivory leather;  good condition; radio / CD player ( modern );  crack in dash cover.

BODYWORK  -  No serious corrosion underneath;  underseal still visible;  wheel arches solid enough;  front wings have been replaced at some time;  corrosion blisters at screens and on sunroof (normal);  front bumper quarters corroded ( normal ),  otherwise O.K.  Car has been resprayed at some time,  but has been affected by carwash brushes.

GENERAL  -     A good running project with lots of life left yet  -  good onefor an enthusiast  -  get yourself a powerful running car whilst you are working on it !!   Will make a good Classic carwith  some work.

 I have given you an accurate description of car  -  don't miss out on a good buy !!

Collect car in person,  or arrange own collection and transportation.

Car will be advertised elsewhere as I need the space urgently,  so I reserve the right to remove from the auction before completion date.

Author: Rusty-C

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