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Wednesday 12th January 2011

Gran Turismo Vs Reality On The Nordschleife

GT5 takes on real life in split-screen comparison

This is perhaps not one for those who have a tenuous grasp on reality. Presumably to prove just how obsessive Polyphony Digital's developers are, Sony has released this video showing split-screen sections of actual Nurburgring footage side by side with Gran Turismo 5 in-game shots.

The effect is definitely impressive - and they've even thrown in some comparison footage of the GP circuit to further prove their point.

So, what with PH on your laptop/mobile/chip implanted in your brain* and a near-perfect replica of the Nordschleife on your PS3, do you ever really need to leave your living room again...?

Thre's only one thing confusing us - we never noticed lap times appearing in the corner of our vision in reality before. Oh, wait...

*that last one might be made-up


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