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Aston Martin

Tuesday 5th July 2011

Price Revealed For Aston Zagato

V12 special to cost £330k, and they'll make 150 of 'em

Aston Martin seems set to pitch (possibly predictably) its dramatically styled new V12 Zagato pretty much right at the top of its range, with a price tag of £330k pencilled in.

According to Dutch site, who broke the story, Aston Martin will also keep its collaboration with the Italian styling house limited to 150 units.

Which is probably a sensible thing, given that such a price tag is near-on twice as much as a DBS, the next rung down on the Aston Martin ladder, and two-and-a-half times what it'll cost you to get into a V12 Vantage - the car on which the Zagato is based. It also leaves only the super-exclusive One-77 above it in both rarity and cost.

And if you're wondering whether production plans for the new Aston Martin are officially official, so to speak, just take a look at Aston's own website, and you'll find the Zagato nestling proudly in the company's official product portfolio...

So, is the price of a decent detached house worth it for a re-bodied Vantage? That's a question which we'll leave you - and those thinking about actually buying one (the Aston, not a detached house) - to decide...

Author: Riggers

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