Wednesday 29th October 2003


Now on sale, but can they justify £75K for just 320bhp?

MG Sport & Racing is blasting the media today with info about the new SV which is now on sale. Launched at the motor show last year, the final product has been eagerly awaited by patriotic car enthusiasts here.

The entry level model is powered by a 320 hp 4.6 litre all aluminium quad cam V8 engine. That's good enough to launch the car to sixty in 5.3 seconds on on to about 165mph.

More powerful versions - and an automatic - will be available next year. There's still plenty of talk of being able to order a 765 hp version although we'll have to wait and see if they'll really deliver such a monstrously powerful car. It would certainly make for good publicity!

Inside the SV gets a sporty cabin - including full rollover protection - with both front seats getting inertia four belt harnesses which can also be locked for serious driving by the flick of a switch. Each cabin is trimmed with the customer’s choice of six leather finishes. Competition seats and fascias are available in a combination of leather and Alcantara allowing each vehicle to be uniquely personalised.

The chassis and carbon body are both constructed in Italy. Carbon provides the same stiffness as steel but is 25% of the weight. Suprising then, that the car still weighs in at over 1500kg. After assembly in Italy the cars are shipped to the UK for finishing at MG Sport & Racing’s newly established HQ at Longbridge, Birmingham by a dedicated team.

Standard fitment in every car is the latest Tracker system from Omitec which not only enables the car to be located and immobilised, in case of theft for example, but also links the vehicle to a central diagnostic control centre at Longbridge.

All good so far until we come to the price. MG are punting this out at a whopping £75K. Whilst exclusivity comes at a price it might prove tough to entice people out of similarly priced exotica into a 320bhp car. What a shame it couldn't have been nearer 400bhp for that price.

The car will be on sale at a network of special XPower dealerships, or directly from the MG Sport & Racing factory.