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Wednesday 14th March 2012


No, no - in a good way, or so says our resident TVR owner Mr Garlick

Similar cars....
Similar cars....
As one door closes another opens. On Monday morning I was still smarting over the fact my Chimaera had to be recovered to Fernhurst due to non-starting, when Dan offered me the keys to the Harris/PistonHeads Morgan for a night or two, and that's an offer I just couldn't refuse. I'm not saying I instantly forgot about the broken TVR, but it certainly went to the back of my mind. As it turns out, the TVR was easily fixed and will be back with me sooner rather than later, but more on that saga in my next fleet update.

My Chimaera weighs in at 1,060kg and produces 240hp from the 4.0-litre V8 engine. It's made in a traditional way (by hand), has two seats, has more than its fair share of quirky charm and you can buy one from between £6,000 and £20,000. The Morgan in comparison is 1,100kg, produces 367hp from a 4.8 V8 and has similar characteristics as listed for the TVR, only this one will cost you in the region of £80,000.

Driving the Morgan reminds me of what a modern TVR would be were they around today. In all probability the Blackpool nutters would have been producing 800hp monsters with interiors from outer space and more vents than ... er ... the Morgan's bonnet, but if they were still making cars like the Chimaera and Griffith this would be it.

....different days
....different days
You've got a slightly awkward gear change, a clutch that gives your leg a workout, a roof doesn't fold as elegantly as it could, a steering wheel that won't adjust to where you'd like it, no storage to speak of (unlike my golf friendly Chim) and you get many and varied smells from the engine and bodywork as the car warms up. There is way too much power meaning the rear wheels will spin at will, you can't hear the stereo, people stare at the car as it passes, the headlights aren't great and getting in and out should be added to the list of Olympic sports.

So it's terrible, right? Absolutely not. It has character, it has soul, it has charm and it gets under your skin making you want to drive for the hell of it. Point out the faults and many won't understand, but they aren't the sort of people reading PH. We are, and we know that British-built V8 sports cars are the only way to travel, their faults just make them all the more adorable and that is why I love the Morgan dearly and can't wait for my TVR to return.





Author: Garlick