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Friday 15th October 2010


It's perfect for summer. Oh, wait...

Oh for the good ol' days when a model could soldier on long past its best-before date without even the merest hint of blushing. Volkswagen is a past master at this trick - just look at how long the Beetle lasted.

The VW Golf Cabriolet, and today's SOTW, is another example of that fine tradition. It originally came out in 1979 and, although the Mk2 Golf appeared in 1983, the Mk1 Cab lasted until 1993 before being replaced by the Mk3 Golf Cabriolet.

What is quite remarkable is that the Karmann-built Golf Cab soldiered on unmolested right through the decade - the only changes being a larger fuel tank and a smaller spare tyre for 1984, and later models (from 1988 onwards) getting 'Clipper' bodykits that brought their looks vaguely in line with the Mk2 Golf.

From a 21st-century perspective, the venerable Golf isn't exactly the coolest of drop-tops - after all, it looks like the mutant offspring of a pram, a shopping basket and a car - but in those halcyon pre-MX5 days there wasn't much without a lid for the enthusiast to get their mitts on.

Thus the Golf Cabriolet GTI was actually quite a catch. It shared mechanicals with its metal-roofed brother, but the installation of bracing to prevent wobbly car syndrome made it a full 150kg heavier than the GTI hatch. This was not a quick car, but when your only alternative is an Escort cabriolet (let's pretend the 205 CTi didn't exist) it's easy to see the Golf's appeal.

The advert for this particular cab says its just nine days old (the ad, not the car), but Shed has had its beadies on this little style icon for quite a while, so we strongly suspect this is a reposted advert. It's a theory borne out by the line "grab a roofless bargain for the summer and watch it go up in value", which perhaps ought to more accurately read "try to sell a roofless car just before winter and watch it lose you money."

Still, our vendor's loss could be your gain - we reckon you could knock a decent chunk off that £800 asking price. Sounds like he really wants to get rid of it, too, as it presumably doesn't hold the happiest of associations for him ("bought for the wife but she has gone so this must go too").

So, if you want to take advantage of another's misfortune - and the used car market is built upon such foundations - why not take a punt at this VW Golf pram (sorry, Cabriolet)?

Advert is reproduced below

vw golf gti cabriolet convertible mk1 classic (1988)
170,000 miles £800

here is a very good example of a classic mk1 gti convertible.mett blue with contrasting blue upholstery.big bumper model,cd player,long mot,immobiliser fitted, 5 speed recon gearbox recently fitted, runs great, grab a roofless bargain for the summer and watch it go up in value !
bought for the wife but she has gone so this must go too ! well looked after !

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Author: Riggers