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Friday 27th May 2011


Shed gets in 'estate' over a semi-practical Italian

With our recent feature on fast estates still fresh in the mind, Shed has also been turning its attention on sporty wagons, albeit of a more humble variety.

Thus when we spotted this Alfa 156 Sportwagon up for just £650 we knew we had found today's Shed of the Week.

Okay, so its 1.8-litre engine means it won't keep up with the RS4 Avants of this world, but nor is 144bhp and 0-62mph in 9.6secs too shabby. Especially for £650.

Another significant plus is the fact that this 156 is actually a runner. Too often when on a trawl for a Shed you'll find a sub-£1k Alfa Romeo 156, get all excited and then discover, upon opening the advert, that it needs a replacement engine.

The boot is hardly what you would call capacious, but that is the price you pay for such sensuously flowing lines, and if you need lots of boot space, well, buy a Volvo. But if you can compromise on cargo capacity, then you'll be treated to one of nature's most characterful four-pot engines, lovely looks (including the 'proper' telephone-dial alloys), a curvy, evocative interior and - er - the fact that it's not a Volvo...

Heck, it's even got tax until September and MOT until November, and hopefully those key lines will polish out. For £650 it is mighty tempting. If it wasn't in Wrexham, it would quite likely have found its way into the car park at PH Towers. Even as it is there are a more than a couple of wallets twitching in the PH office...

Advert is reproduced below

Alfa 156 Sportswagon 1.8 taxed and tested cheap (2001)
118 miles £650

Selling my Alfa Sportswagen, its a 2001 Y plate and has covered 116k. The car runs and drives great and comes with alloys, remote locking electric windows etc.

Some numpty has keyed down both sides it may polish out hence mega cheap price. This will make a reliable second car or workhorse for someone.

Taxed until September and Mot'd until November so she's ready to go.

First with £650.00 drives it away


Author: Riggers