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Friday 9th December 2011


Once a Shed-territory mainstay; now an endangered sub-£1k species

It must be fate. As we were casting around for today's Shed earlier in the week, the collective PH office eye fell upon this Peugeot 205 GTi. Was it time for the return of the hot hatch king to the halls of Shed, we wondered?

More or less simultaneously I noticed an e-mail from PHer BMWill in my inbox, with 'SOTW suggestion: 205 GTi' as the subject line. Somebody, somewhere (apart from BMWill) wants the 205 GTi as SOTW.

And who are we to argue with a higher power? So here it is, a 1991 1.6, resplendent in (slightly faded) Miami Blue and half-leather interior. Perhaps we wish it had the slightly more powerful 1.9-litre engine, but then they do say the 1.6 is the sweeter-balanced of the two versions... so we'll settle for that.

And here are some of Will's arguments as to why the little Pug deserves our sub-£1k adulation:

"Ask a petrolhead to name an 80s hot hatch, and the chances are it will be the Pug 205 GTi...Many argue it is one of the most rewarding FWD cars ever made...It has minimal driver aids, and is prone to lift-off oversteer - which makes it fun!...

"It's light! Nowadays, 1200kg is seen as light. Wikipedia tells me the stripped-out Rallye version weighed in at 794kg! The concept of 'light weight' was taken seriously back then! Oh, and it's about time for another one. The MR2 has featured twice in just over a year, and pretty much all versions of the 7-series up to the E38 have also been elected SOTW.

"They're becoming a rare sight on the road these days, too, and the ones in pristine condition are appreciating in value (some are up for £6k!!!). Definitely a classic then! The ones at affordable prices are becoming rarer as rust eats through them, or they are broken for parts."

There's not really a lot more to say really, other than get one while you can, because the days of the (decent and unmolested) 205 GTi in Shed territory might just be numbered. And if you are tempted, then you could do a lot worse than this 112k-mile chap, especially for just £800.

Although if we're being strict with ourselves it should have a tax disc to go with that half-year of MOT. But hey, we make the rules, so we can bend 'em from time to time...

Advertis reproduced below

1991 Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6 (1991)
112,000 miles £800

Up for sale due to new car is my 205 GTI.

Finished in Miami Blue with the 1.9 half leather interior.

History stamped in the book and receipts as well as most MOT certificates. Recently replaced 2 tyres and have some new spare parts that will go with the car.

A brilliant sunroof model which does NOT leak! not sure when or if the seals have been replaced but they look fairly new and it does not leak. Only modification is the installation of a CD player.

Lacquer on boot and roof is faded but for a 20 year old car the paintwork is bright. A chance to get an appreciating classic.

MOT until June 30th 2012, currently no tax due to being SORNd as I have purchased a new car.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details, if I am unable to answer leave a name and number and I'll get back to you.


Author: Riggers