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Friday 26th November 2010


Any old excuse to post a photo of a pretty Italian...

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We'll freely admit that today's pic of the week is more than a little bit gratuitous, but we never promised that POTW was always going to be topical.

If there is a tenuous link to topicality, then it's to celebrate the fact that we've managed to get our grubby mitts on Maranello's latest piece of automotive wonderfulness - the 458 Italia - for a few days (though needless to say we won't be doing much of this sort of cornering).

Editor Chris-R will no doubt further enlighten us all (both here in the office and out there in the real PH world) when he delivers his review of the car, but for now suffice it to say that few cars have generated more excitement at PHHQ than the 458.

There's also a bit of a PH exclusive, here. Due to the current unpleasantly cold weather, Ferrari has now fitted its press car with winter tyres, and we are the first media-type people to try out the Pirelli Sottozeros.

PistonHeads: seasonally appropriate rubber matters...

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Author: Riggers