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Pic Of The Week


Friday 25th February 2011


Brighten up your desktop with this true-blue British beauty

Were it not for the fact that last week's POTW featured the techy internals of the new Pagani Hoo-ray-henry, we might have offered you Lamborghini's rolling chassis image as our PH-branded screen candy this week.

But then again we might not have, because there's no doubting the dishy deliciousness of this shot showcasing Jaguar's (imminent) Geneva show star. And being the Patriotic tub thumpers that we are here at PH (it's a little known fact that Garlick rarely leaves the house without Union Flag underduds), it just wouldn't have seemed right to have overlooked the fabulous XKR-S.

So here it is.

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WideScreen (1440x900)
SuperSize (2048x1536)

Author: Chris-R