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Friday 9th September 2011


A spot of Jaguar Frankfurt coupe magic, wallpaper sized...

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If you don't yet know about the new Jaguar C-X16, the stunning 'production-concept' coupe that's set to wow Frankfurt showgoers next week then a) where have you been? and b) read all about it in our previous story on the C-X16.

Before you do that of course, do take the time to download our wallpaper of Jaguar's new coupe, and possibly to drool just a little bit.

Then, while you're reading up on the new car, pondering its eight-speed transmission, 3.0-litre supercharged six-cylinder engine and KERS-style hybrid powerboost system, you can also think on the fact that a production version is on the way next year, with prices starting from around £50k. Oh, magnificent loveliness...

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Author: Riggers