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Friday 26th October 2012


We've had a bit of a thing for Peugeots this week; celebrate the fact with a Group B 205 desktop!

Twice a Group B WRC winner, of all the mighty rally cars of that era the 205 GTI T16 is perhaps the coolest. All Group B cars have their appeal of course. The Audis set the ball rolling but were no lookers. The Metro 6R4 always looked like a bit of a kit car while the RS200 was awesome but had no relation to anything you could actually buy; ditto the more exotic Lancias.

The T16, doing what it did best of all
The T16, doing what it did best of all
But in the 205 you had the perfect combination. The rally car looked fabulous; pumped up, hyper aggressive, twitchy and - of course - a winner. But the fact you could buy something representative that, if not quite as ludicrous, remains among the most exciting real-world performance cars ever made and a definitive hot hatch seals it. A winning competition car, paired with a class leading road equivalent you didn't have to be a Bollinger-swilling, red braces wearing Yuppie to afford? How Peugeot must look back on those days with bittersweet nostalgia. And how, one wonders, Citroen has completely failed to capitalise on the Loeb effect to forge a world-beating line of hot hatches. How their rivals at Renaultsport must laugh.

Anyway. That's a story for another time. For now here's this week's desktop delight - a study in controlled aggression and, we reckon, the best looking Group B car ever made. As a bonus we've stumbled across some video-based fromage in the form of an Abba-scored homage to the car in action. Well, who can resist.

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Computer widescreen (16:10)
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Author: Dan Trent