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Friday 16th November 2012


Some good old fashioned supercar escapism to liven up your desktop on a gloomy November afternoon

OK, so this is the digital equivalent of that dog-eared Countach poster you may well have had on your bedroom wall a couple of decades back. But it serves the same purpose as, indeed, does the new Aventador Roadster.

Interesting that when we took its coupe brother out for a day to meet drivers of the V12 Lambosthat came before it pretty much all the owners had started their love affair with the brand in this way. And that's exactly the appeal of a Lamborghini - they exude that 'cor blimey' excitement that everyone from nine-year-olds to 90-year-olds can understand.

Ferrari does the trading on decades of racing heritage thing. McLaren the cool, technological F1 lineage stuff. Porsche the supercar you can buy with your heart and your head and realistically drive every day. But, let's face it, when it comes to cars like this you still want that 'oof!' factor. And there could only be one contender for this week's image of choice...


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Author: Dan Trent