Mercedes Benz are to tease us with just one hundred examples of the new CLK DTM AMG.  Styled in keeping with the DTM (German Touring Cars), the new car comes with a 582bhp AMG V8 of 5.5 litres slapped into a new chassis.

The template for the development of the new CLK DTM AMG was the racing version of the Mercedes-Benz CLK, which Bernd Schneider drove to overall victory in the 2003 German Touring Car Masters race series and which finished the season as the most successful model in the championship.

The fixtures and fittings of the CLK DTM AMG also take their cue from its race-track sibling. Two leather-trimmed AMG sports bucket seats with four-point safety belts ensure lateral support, whilst the oval AMG racing steering wheel with suede covering and new AMG instrument cluster with 360 km/h speedometer dial bring extra touches of motorsport to the interior.

The car is set apart by the low slung front apron with large cooling air inlets, striking fender flarings, 9x19 and 10x20-inch AMG light-alloy wheels and the diffusor-look rear section with rear wing. Added to which, a host of body components have been constructed from the high-strength and extremely lightweight carbon-fibre-reinforced material CFRP.


Under the bonnet lurks a specially revised version of the AMG supercharged eight cylinder engine familiar from the SL 55 AMG, featuring modifications to the crank case, pistons, valve train, cooling system, intake duct, supercharger and exhaust system. The AMG V8 engine develops 428 kW/582 hp at 6100 rpm from its 5439-cc displacement, with peak torque of 800 Newton metres (590 ft-lb) available from 3500 rpm.

The AMG Speedshift five-speed automatic transmission takes care of the power whilst providing the driver with paddle shift control.

The chassis features height-adjustable spring and shock absorber units with adjustable coil springs. The rear axle has been redesigned to include totally new spring links and hub carriers, as well as reinforced drive shafts. A multiple-disc limited-slip differential at the rear axle ensures optimum traction, whilst Acceleration Skid Control ASR and the Electronic Stability Program ESP have been adjusted to cope with the monster power.

The first examples will be delivered to lucky customers in the autumn.


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  • Speed_Demon 21 Jul 2010

    I know I know, epic bump, but it occurs to me that this makes the M3 GTS look like good value! hehe

    Though I'd rather this than the M3.

  • g@ry 08 Jun 2009

    i own one,it sits in my garage along side my murci,enzo and kawasaki zx10r
    it drives awesome!

    on my test drive unlimited,xbox 360 of course :-(

  • XJSJohn 08 Jun 2009

    Holy Thread Resurection Batman!!!!!

    One of these has just popped up for sale here in Singapore .... for a ball crushing $818,000 (or 353,000 of your finest british pounds) yikes

    wonder how much interest that will get hehe

    (ohh car tax here runs to about 130%)

  • willo_wisp 30 Jun 2005

    maybe it is restricted to 199 mph but it gets there faster than you can say 'sh-t was that a police car' 3rd gear pulls from 30 to 130 in the blink of an eye !

  • zaktoo 25 May 2004

    Waveboy14 said:
    Know the CLK GTR of a few years back is utterly mad compared to this cow, but rather drive that one.

    Yup. Mid-engined too, just as God intended ;-)



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