Thursday 3rd September 2009

Video: Schuey Discusses The New Ferrari 458

F1 Legend shares his views in Ferrari's latest promo video

Michael Schumacher has returned to the wheel of a Ferrari, but sadly it's not the F60 F1 car. This time it's the new Ferrari 458 Italia and Schuey describes his experiences on Ferrari's latest promotional video for the 458 Italia.

Schumacher, who has been involved in the development process of the 458 Italia, has plenty of praise for Ferrari's newest car. "The braking system we have introduced on the 458 is something exceptional," he says. "It has such performance as I have never seen before."

Schuey also goes on to praise the car's performance and gearbox: "Due to the new gearbox system we have introduced, we have made sensational acceleration a possibility, and the feeling you get is something special."

Of course, the seven-time world champion (five times with Ferrari) isn't exactly an impartial observer, but it's interesting to hear his views nevertheless. Click on the video below to find out what else he has to say.

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