Tuesday 4th January 2011

Spotted: Ferrari Enzo Prototype For Sale

This one's definitely a 'POA' job...

This might look like a Ferrari 348 gone a bit wrong, but it's actually a super-rare Ferrari Enzo development hack. It's also the only prototype we know of ever to have left Maranello's gates for a life outside Ferrari.

The car is apparently also the only working prototype of the Enzo and is powered by the F140 'A' version of that car's 5998cc V12 (the production car got the F140 'B'). We don't exactly know what the differences between the A and B versions are, but it does seem that the prototype gets 671bhp, 20bhp more than final production Enzos.

The Enzo-in-embryo, down as a 2000-model car, is being sold by Modena Motorsport in Germany, although - rather predictably - no price is mentioned.

Suffice it to say that the only known prototype of an Enzo - and the only roadgoing Ferrari development hack to fall into private hands - is going to be worth a fair bit to a keen collector.

But cynics among you will no doubt ask whether it's the real deal. Well, there is a certificate of authenticity to go with it and, in the absence of anything like real investigative research (this being PH), that'll do for us...

ps - you can have a look at more pics and details of the car at Modena Motorsport's website


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