Thursday 17th February 2011

Video: Ferrari FF Filmed By Dog-Sledder

Take a Ferrari up a mountain? Are you barking..?

As responsible dog owners who like to 'pick up', we tend to avoid dog sleds as a mode of transport here at PH HQ.

We're clearly missing a trick though, as this apparently random YouTube post seems to attest. How else would you get this close to the Ferrari FF before the press launch?

By the way, in case you're wondering why there's so much snow around in all the Ferrari official press shots, it's because they're very keen to promote the four-wheel-drive traction thing for their intriguing new model.

So keen, they've even invited PH to the launch in Italy with promise of a ski slope to drive on. (And unlike certain 'media colleagues' we're not ones to look a prancing gift horse in the mouth... Naaaay!)

Author: Chris-R

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