Friday 22nd July 2011

Pic Of The Week: McLaren MP4-12C

12C gets all 'emotional' on its rear tyres...

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The news this week that McLaren is responding to customer, dealer and media feedback by tweaking its MP4-12C to make it more 'involving' coincided (more or less inevitably) with Woking dishing out a whole new load of shiny press images.

Many of these we've already brought you in our original story, but there was one particular photo that we thought deserved a spot of extra-special attention. Because although some have suggested that the MP4-12C lacks a wee bit of 'emotional appeal' it's hard to imagine that doing this in a Mercury Red Macca would leave you feeling cold. In fact it looks like rather considerable fun.

Here's hoping that McLaren's tweaks make the MP4-12C as fun as it looks like it ought to be...

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