Wednesday 7th December 2011

Ferrari unveils 599 GTB 60 F1 option package

New 599 celebrates six decades of Scuderia Ferrari victories

Ferrari is to celebrate 60 years of victories in F1 with this, the 599 GTB 60 F1.

Based on the HGTE handling package, the 60 F1 gets the same stiffer springs and dampers, chunkier rear anti-roll bar and trick tyres.

It also gets three liveries, two celebrating Alonso's victory in the British GP this year (the less said about the fact that this was Ferrari's only win of the season the better) and one in homage to Froilan Gonzalez's first victory for Ferrari - the 1951 British GP at Silverstone.

The Ferrari 150 Italia livery mimics that used for Alonso's company motor, with 'Formula 1 white' on the lower part of the front bumpers and mudguards, bonnet, A-pillars and rear buttresses, and the Italian Tricolore on the rear. The Ferrari 150 Italia 2 livery also features the same Alonso red, but white is used only on the lower bumpers and there is no Italian flag at the back.

The 375 F1 livery option, meanwhile, is the same dark red as Gonzalez's 375 F1 racer.

The seats in the 599 GTB 60F1 are by Sabelt in the European version and Recaro in the American version, with the Scuderia Ferrari logo stitched into the headrests. Four-point harnesses are also present, resplendent in FIA-approved red and blue.

The instrument panel is trimmed in matt 'alutex', and features a silver commemorative plaque with the signatures of Gonzalez and Alonso.

All three versions get a Scuderia Ferrari shield on the front wheel arches, 20-inch diamond-finished forged alloys and a satin-finish aluminium fuel filler cap.



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