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Gaming PCs Thread...time for a sticky / running thread?[123 ... 161718]go to new posts

toxicnerve 357 Tuesday mikef

List of PHer Gamer Tags by Game...

neil_bolton Monday thetapeworm

GTAV players wiki

Big Fat Fatty Friday 14th October Dave.

Creating and restoring PS3 game save back ups

E21_Ross 13 Tuesday 30th August Martin_Hx

Driving Sims - where to find Mods and Tracks thread[123 ... 141516]go to new posts

neil_cardiff 305 Saturday 18th June born2bslow

List of PH Championships/Series/Time Trials etc...

neil_bolton Wednesday 27th April Tonsko

Which console is right for me [12345]go to new posts

PH_Scooby 91 Thursday 9th October 2014 Halb

Battlefield 1 [123 ... 394041]go to new posts

TheHangingJudge 801 19:14 Floptimus Prime

PS4 GTA V Online[123 ... 450451452]go to new posts

xreyuk 9,027 19:13 Jobbo

The GTA appreciation thread ( no spoilers please)[123 ... 348349350]go to new posts

getawayturtle 6,994 18:31 Dave.

The Assetto Corsa Weekly Challenge[123 ... 151617]go to new posts

Rawwr 339 18:01 RobM77

Battlefield 1 - PS4 chat and banter[1234]go to new posts

Sway 67 17:55 Matt London

Project Cars Weekly TIme Trail [123 ... 147148149]go to new posts

Pearcyy 2,966 17:49 xjay1337

Destiny (PS4)[123 ... 321322323]go to new posts

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Battlefield 1 - XBOX[12]go to new posts

wuddie 34 14:27 Timbo_S2

World of Tanks (Vol 2)[123 ... 226227228]go to new posts

Big Al. 4,548 14:10 Z06George

Sony Project Morpheus (VR)[123 ... 789]go to new posts

marctwo 163 13:42 Digitalize

Red dead redemption 2 map leaked online[123]go to new posts

JJ55 56 12:46 downthepub