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Switch 70 Thursday 19th December 2013 thatdude

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Eric Mc 2,548 Yesterday (22:33) silverthorn2151

Finding something underground

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Spaceplanes - Cases for and Against[123]go to new posts

Eric Mc 48 Yesterday (11:23) Beati Dogu

The danger of liquid oxygen

MartG 9 Yesterday (10:44) MartG

Chess and the art of defeating a computer programmer

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Kermit power 103 Friday cymtriks

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Kinky 673 Saturday 18th March Globs

SI Units and multipliers

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Monkeylegend 33 Friday 17th March willisit

How much weight to sink a block of ice ?

sparkythecat 20 Thursday 16th March maffski

Entanglement is actually a wormhole

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Happy PI day!

Mr Tracy 12 Tuesday 14th March ash73

ESA SMART-1 images

MartG 3 Monday 13th March Morningside

Saturn images - Cassini[123]go to new posts

London424 48 Saturday 11th March jmorgan

Whatchamacallit In Cygnus A

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