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Rough Running! CURED!!!
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dalecrx 60 Wednesday 10th June J400GED
Chimaera Electric Window Failure
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rcgreaves 34 Sunday 27th July 2014 m996tt
Fuel Tank popping?
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p400pls 32 Tuesday 24th June 2014 Jerome Anderton
Wiper motor probs!!!
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moreplay 32 Sunday 4th May 2014 carsy
Anyone got the Compomotive MO6 wheels on CHIMV8 61 Monday 3rd March 2014 WinstonWolf
Chimaera Suspension
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chris547 54 Friday 18th October 2013 Ab Shocks
New roof with new screen size, what do you think?
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rusgb 31 Monday 24th September 2012 Laine2000
Alternative Part Numbers
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chassis 33 23 Wednesday 23rd May 2012 drive2tractors
Refurbishing a Veneered Wooden Dash
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ssc1 55 Wednesday 21st December 2011 ewan221
Idle Sticks at 1900rpm!
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Tiggsy 32 Friday 24th September 2010 markreilly
Is a Chimaera 4L Underpowered?
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magnus 51 Friday 27th August 2010 domV8
Tyre pressures ? slikk 13 Thursday 8th July 2010 taylormj4
Washer bottle cap Tyre_Tread 10 Saturday 1st May 2010 Tyre_Tread
Alternative location for front number plate
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nasz 32 Wednesday 31st March 2010 Andy JB
Chimaera Tuning - More Questions
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roadsweeper 42 Wednesday 30th December 2009 jarrus464
Accelerator Cable Fitting PhilipC 12 Tuesday 10th February 2009 schmokin1
Leather Treatments mcharman 17 Friday 19th December 2008 GoCar
What seats fit?
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JonRB 33 Friday 18th April 2008 TVR Moneypit
Complete and utter strip down
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andy-w 204 Wednesday 5th September 2007 andy-w
Sloshing noise!! The Trucker 16 Friday 16th March 2007 ekim
Sunken driver's seat!
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the green hornet 41 Monday 5th March 2007 andy-w
Oil pressure drop at 80mph
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midas dude 21 Saturday 3rd March 2007 spend
An Alarming Tale… Red V8 19 Monday 12th February 2007 Red V8
Getting draughty now I'm going bald.... jimothy 11 Thursday 28th December 2006 meatball
Central Locking! chris13 4 Thursday 5th October 2006 chris13
Chimaera roof, same as Griffith? pvdv 11 Friday 21st April 2006 Podie
New Dash Options argoose 9 Wednesday 5th April 2006 theaxe
Mastic - sealant? Sticky question? bluechim 11 Monday 20th March 2006 Big Al.
Jumbo poll! - Does your Chim have Elephant Ears?? puffsorted2 65 Wednesday 8th March 2006 edward1
Where is the towing eye? j8 tro 12 Friday 5th August 2005 ian187
Carpet sets for Chim matttav 66 Wednesday 6th July 2005 mccrackenj
Button by the left knee?
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bossdrew 26 Saturday 4th June 2005 tattoodrob
Buying a Chimera 500 plkettle 17 Monday 17th January 2005 pvapour
Non-stop wipers? count duckula 10 Friday 7th January 2005 JonRB
One heated mirror ?? ajb 4 Wednesday 5th January 2005 jtong
Fuel tank expansion noise nasz 7 Monday 15th November 2004 M@H
Alarm/Door lock problem - HELP! V8 Kieran 6 Monday 18th October 2004 Jem
Gearbox odyssey steveiy 8 Monday 4th October 2004 jonnyb
Injector cleaning? KTG1000 5 Thursday 26th August 2004 ktg1000
What Engine? flying_garfield 13 Tuesday 17th August 2004 chris547
Otter Switch Spanner size? chris43 6 Wednesday 4th August 2004 Targarama
Fitting of Stainless Dash with Pics
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tonyrec 39 Tuesday 6th July 2004 marcos maniac
Thinking of Buying My First TVR! Gavstar 61 Thursday 1st July 2004 pzero64
Rusty chassis and waxoyling? prussianblue450 11 Monday 28th June 2004 prussianblue450
Oil Pressure Problem?
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Size Nine Elm 21 Tuesday 22nd June 2004 peter miller
Bodyshop Recomendations? bsdnazz 9 Friday 18th June 2004 Tonyrec
Bottom Ball Joints!!!! everitj 19 Thursday 17th June 2004 sps
Chimaera Battery? Corin Denton 13 Thursday 3rd June 2004 prussianblue450
To Cover Or Not To Cover? cliff123 15 Thursday 8th April 2004 N17 TVR
Wiper problems kslett 12 Thursday 8th April 2004 shnozz
rear window godfromnorden 8 Tuesday 6th April 2004 godfromnorden
Where do I get The Bible? Onion Boy 3 Monday 29th March 2004 greenv8s
Dead Door Mirror! ropey 4 Tuesday 23rd March 2004 ropey
Leak test shnozz 19 Saturday 13th March 2004 TheHobbit
Cracked dashboard meridian 8 Tuesday 9th March 2004 Richard Deakin
Question about electric mirrors Prunus 5 Sunday 29th February 2004 Prunus
Electric Window Switch, What Make? bigbang 4 Monday 16th February 2004 full_chat
Help! engine cuts out at 1800rpm M-G 13 Monday 19th January 2004 M-G
Chimaera Battery nigelr 15 Sunday 18th January 2004 the dodger
Red warning light jod 3 Sunday 18th January 2004 GreenV8S
Is my Chim running too cold???
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madfads 45 Wednesday 7th January 2004 malloryn
Oil Pressure Problems
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UpTheIron 21 Wednesday 7th January 2004 N4 SPY
Stopped charging why? glynlucas 6 Friday 12th December 2003 Kenny Chim 4
Duplicate Keys? TT Tim 13 Wednesday 29th October 2003 zumbruk
Window Adjustment. .Mark 6 Friday 24th October 2003 .Mark
Dropped Ciggy Lighter tobeee 9 Monday 13th October 2003 tobeee
Rubber flappy seals behind hood hinge
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pupp 54 Friday 10th October 2003 Trefor
Engine/Fuel System Problems strat 4 Tuesday 30th September 2003 shpub
MIL light icb 7 Monday 29th September 2003 GreenV8S
Carpets tovey 6 Friday 5th September 2003 the dodger
Engine Temp Went Up To 110 Degrees.
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Cuchillo 39 Friday 22nd August 2003 IPAddis
Overheating Problems! ssc1 14 Tuesday 12th August 2003 ssc1
Order of HT leads? pbrettle 11 Monday 11th August 2003 shpub
Play in steering - what could it be? arandle 8 Thursday 7th August 2003 shpub
Mod-Wise Aerial & Audio MOD500 0 Thursday 7th August 2003 MOD500
Running Costs? pstruck 18 Friday 1st August 2003 Bob the planner
New Owner, Hesitiation Problem? dalecrx 19 Friday 1st August 2003 manek
TVRs unreliable - b*llocks icb 13 Saturday 28th June 2003 derestrictor
TVR service - what gets done when? big_treacle 4 Wednesday 25th June 2003 big_treacle
Wiper Woe, No More! thornogson 9 Monday 23rd June 2003 mack
Reattaching the wing mirror .... how? ATG 10 Friday 20th June 2003 Sarnian
Boot Size helipilot 1 Monday 16th June 2003 thornogson
Q8 Oil bjc 6 Thursday 5th June 2003 neilmac
Otter Problems? Count Duckula 13 Friday 23rd May 2003 xain
Slow Electric Windows! jaguar wheels 20 Sunday 20th April 2003 Podie
How Hot?
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timewind 27 Sunday 20th April 2003 mongoose
Windscreen Wipers SlowRider 14 Saturday 12th April 2003 Big Al.
Chim Running Costs jimi 17 Friday 21st March 2003
Steering Problem bangers 16 Tuesday 18th March 2003
Rear Speakers - 1998 Chim 4.5 phoenix 13 Saturday 15th March 2003
Loss Of Power At Higher Revs. BLUETHUNDER 17 Sunday 2nd March 2003
Need New Carpets, Help! griffman 12 Saturday 22nd February 2003
Water/Coolant levels on a Chim
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chris watton 29 Monday 20th January 2003
Do TVR's have REV limiters? kev north 6 Monday 20th January 2003
Power Steering on Chimaera nick crowder 8 Sunday 19th January 2003
Button on door release.
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marlboro 21 Friday 17th January 2003
How do I get the battery out?! Frances 11 Wednesday 8th January 2003
Chimera an everyday-car?
[12]go to new posts
timewind 23 Tuesday 7th January 2003
Are TVR's Quality cars?
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ribol 48 Saturday 4th January 2003
The value of a service history
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simon bedford 33 Saturday 4th January 2003
Do I really want a Chimaera? Part 2 tamago 17 Friday 3rd January 2003
Do I really want a Chimaera? Part 1
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tamago 54 Monday 28th October 2002
Damp driver's footwell pcowen 4 Monday 18th March 2002
Where can I get the rear screen replaced? gervaised 12 Wednesday 6th February 2002
Starter Motor Problems MistyAR 9 Monday 21st January 2002
Fitting 17 inch alloys Corin Denton 20 Tuesday 15th January 2002
My odometer is stuck at ?999 miles sher singh 17 Tuesday 8th January 2002
Rusty wishbones on newish car MajorClanger 17 Wednesday 12th December 2001
Running temperatures Nutrunner 9 Friday 23rd November 2001
What octane fuel should I use?
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vince n 22 Thursday 22nd November 2001 JonRB
Misty Dials speed12 19 Thursday 8th November 2001
Can you recommend a car cover? IanBlackburn 10 Tuesday 30th October 2001
Which engine size should I go for? vince n 14 Monday 29th October 2001 IanBlackburn
Where can I get a new roof panel? stig 69 11 Friday 19th October 2001
Where do I get clear indicator lenses? ascender 9 Thursday 11th October 2001
I'd like 17/18 inch wheels - is it possible? monaco 61 Sunday 7th October 2001 RichB
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