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Nickname: Blib Blib's car
Member Since: 20th November 2007
Total Posts: 30,223
Occupation: Company director in the teaspoon industry. In my spare time, I shout at deluded addicts in a psychiatric hospital. 
Region: London 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: http://www.stratosec.com

Mrs B's surprise birthday present. Built totally in secret over a period of 17 months.

January 2014......


May 2015.

New Fiat 126 engine & box, disk brakes, LHD to RHD conversion, full rewire, full leather interior, refurbished suspension, full respray, new sunroof, classic style stereo, bumper over-riders, new lights all around, new carpets, new mirrors. In fact, only the chassis and most of the body panels are from the original, red car. Everything else has been upgraded or refurbed.