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Nickname: Mario149 Mario149's car
Name: Marco
Member Since: 22nd June 2009
Total Posts: 5,139
Occupation: Being evil - eating babies and torturing small cute furry animals and the like 
Region: London 
Country: United Kingdom 
Early mid-life crisis now in full swing smile Just got out of my second Ferrari, a 550, and absolutely loved it. Although it does feel a bit weird being donkey-less for the first time in 5 years. Also now on my fourth bike after learning to ride in Dec '11 smile Daily snotter duties are fulfilled by a leggy 993 C2 Cab and a 997 GT3 to scare me witless and take on track. 981 Boxster GTS on the way for delivery in May/June '15. Will also have to buy a practical car at some stage now that we have a (getting huger by the day) dog.