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Nickname: chris watton chris watton's car
Name: christopher watton
Member Since: 20th August 2002
Total Posts: 16,769
Occupation: Product designer 
Region: Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: www.amatimodel.com
Joined PH in 2002, asking for advice when looking for a Chimaera.

Bought a Tamora in 2004, loved it, but sold it in 2007 before we moved to Italy due to work. I design scale model kits for an Italian manufacturer, and was asked if I'd like to work closer to the company - you only live once, why not!

We returned to the UK in late 2010, bought a repo and renovated it, sold that and moved to our current location in late 2012.

In 2013, I managed to save up for another Tamora, and I am loving it as much as the first. It's good to be back!