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Nickname: Bill Bill's car
Name: Bill
Member Since: 29th January 2003
Total Posts: 33,717
Occupation: Physio 
Region: By the sea in Dorset 
Country: United Kingdom 
Was mechsympathy, but that name was becoming less and less apt.

Current cars:

2004 Supercharged MG ZTT: No unexpected problems! It has a few unfortunate developmental issues... I prefer to think of it as character.
2001 VW transporter syncro, converted to a camper.
2001 Caterham academy car, entered in Graduates race series: No mechanical problems, but a few crashes.

Quick list of old cars:
2001 Caterham Roadsport: No problems
1997 Subaru Impreza: No problems
1995 Landrover Defender: Broke a valve (thankfully we'd got back on the road after a week in the Sahara) fuel tank rotted through, alternator and water pump blew, numerous other minor issues.
1997 Suzuki Bandit: No problems
1990 Landcruiser: Owned briefly with view of driving to S Africa, then Dubya took the world to war, and I got a career. And the head gasket went (WTF)
1987 MR2: Head gasket, then big end. "New" engine from breakers done 30k+ with no probs (mostly with the wife).
1985 2CV: Did 12k to Nepal, no sig probs although the exhaust fell off towards the end, which was loud.
1989 Sunny ZX: Only the water pump went on this one.
1989 Skoda Rapide 136 Coupe: Head gasket, unfixable as wet liners had slipped. (Complete hoot to drive btw)
1977 VW Combi: Valve dropped in - my first engine replacement.
1979 VW Combi: Went up in flames in Chiswick, in the first month of ownership.
1977 Ford Falcon: Massive car, massive engine, which dropped out one night on the pacific highway in OZ.