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Nickname: SWMBO SWMBO's car
Name: Lauren Spicer
Member Since: 10th November 2010
Total Posts: 22
Occupation: Horse Rider 
Region: West Sussex 
Country: United Kingdom 
My first love is horses.. but after that is horse power!! I have a few favourite cars although I'm not all about power.. I more into beauty, elegance and then some power behind that!! Some of my list includes things such as.. Rx7s, Marcos, Ascaris and a few old Jags..

My love lies with Mustangs.. There's nothing better then a block faced, bright coloured, shelby stripped 4 wheels animal with snakes stamped all over it to get me going. Phwoaarr.

Anyway I love watching Endurance Racing, F1 and such.. I love going to the Festival of Speed.. Last year was very successful.. I can proudly say I sat in and played with the pedals of a Ferrari 590 GTO!! And loved every minute!!