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Nickname: BruceV8 BruceV8's car
Member Since: 28th September 2003
Total Posts: 3,177
Occupation: Counter terrorism and explosives consultant. 
Region: London / Middlesex 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: www.explosiveordinary.com
I am a short, bald, rude, lazy, selfish, drunken scoundrel with a face like a dropped pie. I'm also an utter rotter, a bounder, a cad and quite possibly a nefarious rapscallion as well.

I have a lazy horse, an unruly dog and an extensive collection of rubbish old cars which I like to neglect.

I devote my very existence to the conspicuous consumption of lager and curry. When not immersed in lager and curry I like to practise my swearing skills, developing ever more creative permutations of foul mouthed profanity.

I've just come to the end of a long and moderately successful military career that mainly involved me sticking my little chipolata like fingers into other people's bombs and training likeminded fools to do the same.

Now I run two businesses - one is related to my former career:http://www.theheyfordconsultancy.com/

The other involves buying and selling the kind of cars that I love. http://www.honeybadgermotors.co.uk/

I'm researching for an MPhil in an area of study so obscure that no one can effectively examine me on it.