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Nickname: Henry-F Henry-F's car
Name: Henry Firman
Member Since: 4th November 2003
Total Posts: 4,665
Occupation: The bloke behind 911virgin.com and cctv42.co.uk 
Region: Uxbridge 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: http://www.911virgin.com
Race a GT3 cup car which obviously I get no pleasure from at all. Enjoy all things petrol (or diesel) powered, land, sea or sky.

Happily, (no really !) Married with a lovely daughter who is driving at Le Mans in a couple of years.

Keen overseas traveler with a particular fondness for Thailand. Closer to home there`s nothing like arriving at a new port of call under your own steam particularly after a crossing that made you realise your own mortality.

Spending a bit more time in Asia having set up the cctv42 brand of professional quality CCTV equipment for self installation.