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Nickname: fesuvious fesuvious's car
Name: matt
Member Since: 13th March 2004
Total Posts: 4,714
Occupation: Today ? Lazy bugger - surfing PH all day as its been a hard few weeks and Id like a rest ! 
Region: Solihull 
Country: United Kingdom 

Current chariot is/are,

Ferrari F355
Lotus Carlton
Chevy Day Van (no duct tape or rope inside)
E46 M3
Mitsubishi L200 for towing
BMW compact cup race car
Gulfstream 32ft US m/home

I'm competing in the 2015 BMW compact cup. Or at least I would be if 'life' would stop getting in the way.

Anyway, previous chariots, if I remember them all ! In no particular order, and this list spans from 1995>

Ac Schnitzer BMW 760
Totally original Impreza 2000 turbo
944 track car
205GTI track car
Evo 6
RX7 Bathhurst
GTM Libra
Westfield V8
Esprit S4S
Subaru Impreza WRX
BMW E39 M5
E28 M5 X2
E28 M535I
Fiat X19
Mini x2
Bobtailed/Truck-cabbed offroader (Discovery)
Dakar bodied Discovery with all the trimmings (its a monster!)
Vauxhall VX220
Range P38 Autobiography
205 GTI 1.6
Volvo 360GLT
Volvo 240
BMW 318
Rover 827SLI
Sierra 2.0GLSI
BMW 525e
BMW 535M
BMW 316 (1982model)
BMW 316 (1985model)
BMW 328 (1996/7)
Lotus Esprit GT3
RX7 3rd Gen
Jaguar XJ12 (X2)
Jaguar X-Type 2.5
XJR Supercharged
Porsche 944 (220bhp version - to 288BHP)
944, 250 BHP version, > 304 BHP
Porsche 996
Smart 1st gen
Smart 2nd Gen
Ford Granada 2.8 (1983)
MR2 turbo
2x Range Rover 3.9's
2x Land Rover Discovery's
two off road prepped Discoverys
Chevy Astro day van
Land Rover based Dakar
Does a 37ft American motorhome qualify for this list?

Now this might not be everything ! But as I remember a...hang on, is the 4.2 XJ6 in this list.....anyway, as I was saying, Il add them as I remember them!

In case you want to know more - dunno why you would, but hey ho, here I go:

Currently 35 years of age, I run a company in the Midlands.

I am a HPC member, passed by Gatekeeper Andy Morrison on 2/5/13.

Used to be a martial arts freak at the sadistic - train until you vomit - then train some more until you pass out end of the scale until health stopped play.

Nowadays my hobby time is filled solely with stripping down, rebuilding, working on and enjoying cars.

Other half is a wee lady called Donna, who, despite my best efforts prefers facebook to PH. My personal opinion of facebook I cannot state on here because the mods would undoubtedly delete my comments.

However, aside from the swearing the following words would be used:

self importance

towards the bottom of the opinion, perhaps in summary, the last paragraph might include