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Nickname: v15ben
Name: Ben
Member Since: 21st March 2004
Total Posts: 12,355
Region: Yorkshireman exiled to Milton Keynes 
Country: United Kingdom 
I've been on PH far too long, travelled all over the world and owned a series of crap cars along the way!

Started in 2003 with my first car, an '02 Micra 1.0 which managed over 60k miles in 6 years including Le Mans and a run at VMax alongside lots of typical teenage hooning. I lived in Sydney for a year and travelled through Asia before finally selling the Micra in 2009.

Had a 206 Diesel and another Micra along the way before getting my only decent car to date, an '04 Clio 182. Hooned everywhere in it including the Alps, the Ring and a 2k mile lap of Scotland before selling it to move to South Korea.

Did a year on buses and trains, followed by a Hyundai Avante and amazingly, a year driving a Matiz Auto all across Korea. Nicknamed "The Fridge" and about as exciting to drive!

Travelled the world for a year before returning to the UK in 2013 to a line of dull, silver, Japanese hatchbacks including an '09 Jazz and '06 Micra. Boring but functional motoring! Also did a lot of miles on a knackered 16-year old mountain bike alongside these cars, which I finally sold earlier this year having done more than 10k miles!

Bought my latest Japanese snoozebox in March this year, an '03 Yaris Auto and added a new Pinnacle mountain bike in June for my commute.