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Nickname: WinstonWolf WinstonWolf's car
Name: Rob
Member Since: 19th May 2004
Total Posts: 62,434
Occupation: Company Director. 
Region: Cambs 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: www.networkingsupportservices.co.uk
fcensoredk it, in for a penny in for a pound...


Sodding div's!

The member intermittently and previously known as BliarOut, BliarsGoing, The Griffalo, HRG and BroonOut....

Survivor of the "Problem" post massacre of September 2005

***Member of "The Crazy 34" - Dirk Diggler - 14/09/05 to 20/09/05 RIP"***
If you think I am winding you up, it's probably no accident. The best discussions come from controversy... All IMHO of course

Oh, and every single thing I say or have ever said on here is a lie and most definitely can't be used against me in court because my online persona is a compulsive liar.