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Nickname: Cogcog Cogcog's car
Member Since: 8th September 2004
Total Posts: 11,298
Occupation: Grump 
Region: Paris. not really, Yorkshire 
Country: United Kingdom 
<div><div><div>After years of following behind various Alfas (Spider and a Duetto for a short time, Guilliettas)and Lancias (Montecarlo, Fulvia, Delta HF) picking up the bits that had rusted off I had a relationship with Volvo (480 and 850 T5) before alighting on 2 cars that don't rust: Audi A2 diesel and a Lotus Elise (S1). Via a Merc B Class which destroyed the will to live I now have a Merc E320 <br><br><br>I can feel an Italian coming on. <br><br>I also do a bit of 'world peace' and speech making in my spare time. <br><br><br></div><br><br></div><br><br></div>