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Nickname: Kawasicki Kawasicki's car
Member Since: 9th September 2004
Total Posts: 3,261
Occupation: Vehicle Dynamics Engineer 
Region: Victoria 
Country: Australia 
I like driving at the limit, I work as a vehicle dynamics engineer so I can get paid to do it daily! My main work function is tyre testing, though I am deeply involved with vehicle ride, steering and handling(including ESP) tuning. It's not unusual to spend 8 hours a day, for weeks on end, driving at the limit.

My colleagues are great, the pay is good, the experience is fantastic...IF you like driving. I plan to die a happy man.

I've competed in endurance races at the Nurburgring with some friends, we had a ball. I've been an instructor at track days, where I love passing on my enthusiasm for driving. I believe many people have the skills to be very good drivers.

I ride a dirt bike at the weekend and challenge/scare myself a lot doing it. I've also taken up bmx riding to improve my bike handling skills, but I'm still only average!