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Nickname: Rude-boy Rude-boy's car
Member Since: 17th November 2004
Total Posts: 20,002
Region: Suffolk 
Country: United Kingdom 
Survivor of the "Problem" post massacre of September 2005.***

*Founder member of "The Crazy 34" - 10/09/05 to 20/09/05 RIP"***

Motorsport and cars are not a hobby - they are away of life. Can be seen at a UK track almost every weekend between March and November. Happy to meet up with fellow Pistonheads when time and location allow.
Previous cars:-
'87 1.3 Maestro City - Sorry, I loved it and it scalpped many a badly driven XR3i etc

'92 MkIII 1.4 Golf - Nice handling, all the power of a wet fart

'96 Renault Clio RSi - Put 1.2 badges on and left many uneducated VTR owner wondering WTF happened. Not to mention 8v VW GTi owners.

'96 MkIII Golf Gti 16v - Gone but I miss her almost every day. The most complete car I have ever owned. Would still have it now if i had my way.

'98 Audi A6 2.4 Avant - 90% of the time I loved it for it's ability to eat 100's of miles at a stretch without effort, I could even forgive it's drink problem and Audi service bills.

'98 Porsche Boxster 2.5 - No longer needed more than two seats so fun time.

'93 Porsche 968 CS - Bliss. Part of me says after 2 years it is time to chop it in and get a GT3. Part of me realises that short of impending homelessness it is unlikely to ever leave me.

'95 Porsche of CS - White with black wheels. Bought on a whim as a rolling spares package for the yellow one but too good for that so being stored away and used on high days and holidays by a collector I know well to keep in good nick.

96' MkIII Golf Gti 8v Colour Concept. Was going to be taken into a field and shot but sold on.

'08 Golf GT Tdi - bought it unseen, chipped and does donkey work like a pro.

Girlfriend's cars:-
I'm fortunate enough to have a Petrolhead for a girlfriend and if I'm good she lets me play with her toys ;)

'96 TVR Chimera 4.0 - There are faster Tivs, newer and more plush ones, but this car has a real heart!

'03 TVR Tamora - bought unseen. We love it!

'07 Mazda MX 5 Roadster 2.0 Sport - Something for the Winter months.

Yet to own a car that I didn't think could be improved by the addition of at least 100bhp biggrin

Been lucky to drive tons of other cars of all types and desirability.