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Nickname: R TOY R TOY's car
Name: Dave S.
Member Since: 23rd April 2005
Total Posts: 1,587
Occupation: Farmer/Icecream man 
Region: Lincolnshire 
Country: United Kingdom 
Tuscan ownin, sqaush playin,gun shootin,cow milkin,icecream sellin,Lotusracin,music lovin,lemans goin, fish catchin,beer drinkin, snow skiin,subsidy takin,... farmer.

Racing an Elise S1 in the TeamTrophy in 2012.
2nd season racing, still a lot to learn!!

Previously owned cars of interest...
Mk2 RS2000
Saphire cosworth4x4
MGFvvc (Hair dressing phase),
Tvr Chimaera450
Also have a 1936 Austin7 Opel to slow things down abit