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Nickname: rog007 rog007's car
Name: Rog
Member Since: 8th August 2005
Total Posts: 3,710
Occupation: in my spare time: SME business advisor, Executive Leadership Coach, CV Reviewer, Interview Skills and Careers Advisor 
Region: In the Midlands, when not in Monte Carlo! 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: http://roger-moore.com/



- On-line job application support:


Many thanks for that, a great help.
It's always better to have a second pair of eyes look over things.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Fingers crossed

Best regards


- CV review (candidate was a £150k pa Sales Exec):


Thank you very much for sending this across and thank you also, ever so much, for your time on the phone last night.

The document you have provided is significantly more clear and simple to read and consequently, has much more impact, so thank you very much - here's hoping I can make an impact with it! Again, thanks for the prompts from our call last night. I took away a good number of thoughts from our conversation, which I have been mulling over today and plan to put into action in the very near future.