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Nickname: AC BILKO AC BILKO's car
Member Since: 7th October 2005
Total Posts: 230
Occupation: Self unemployed 
Region: ESSEX 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: www.snaketalk.co.uk
2014 = WS6 Pontiacs now gone and been replaced by a minty 3.0Si Z4. It's nice to be able to go around corners again lol

2013 = TR7V8's now gone and been replaced by a Gen 4, Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6, 6 speed

2012 = 4ltr Fuel inj TR7V8, a bit of cheap summer fun to mess about with.

2010 = Mk3 MX5 2.0ltr Sport, 6 speed

Cobs now sold and been replaced with a chim.
2009 = Chims now sold & replaced by the MX5