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Nickname: argoose argoose's car
Name: Angus MacDougall
Member Since: 12th October 2005
Total Posts: 585
Occupation: Head of International gateway  
Region: Stafford 
Country: United Kingdom 
Ford Mustang GT350 fastback Shelby 1967

Details on TVR Griffith 6.3 litre Chevy
In 2008 I bought this project and Sportmotive agreed to build me a Griffith using as many new parts as we could afford. The idea was to try and build me a new Griffith.

A new chassis was bought and Sportmotive prepared and painted it with all new part fitted.

Once the chassis was built up it was time to mount the engine and 6 speed box. Currently lot of 5 speed conversions but note any 6 speed. This proved very difficult as there is limited space with the current chassis. Sportmotive are already designing a new Griffith chassis that can take the 6 speed box as it is clear to see the advantages of this setup.

During the build Ian at Sportmotive discussed with me what needed to be happen next. It wasn't until I looked at the engine installed for the first time when I realised just how much effort and detail Sportmotive had put into the quality of this project.

I have to be honest I had little to do with the build of this car. I just wrote the cheques and ordered parts. Once it became time to prepare the body for paint I decided that I would try and do some work and play a small part in the cars development.

It was during this stage that we started to think about how the car needed to look and what colour. We settled on Le Mans blue but Viper Blue was a very close second. The hood and the interior were ordered and would be made by Cover Tec

Once finished in the paint the car went together very quickly and it was at this point that we discovered that our newly built engine may not be as well as it should be. However this didn't become fully apparent until the car went on the road from day one the engine smoked very badly and had other issues that eventually became fatal. Ian and I learnt a very painful lesson in dealing with bull scensoredtters.

I have to say a very big thanks to Ian, Ant and all the team at Sportmotive that built me a fantastic car. To Tim at ACT for his help and support and Cover Tec for supplying the interior. To Craig at Dyon Torque for saving the day and taking away the badly built engine and making the engine live again.

The engine was fully rebuilt by Dyon Torque and was completely sheld with new forged part from the states. Engine has been stroked to 382 and is now a 6.3 litre. It is estimated that the car now has over 400 bhp at the wheels however not fully tunned yet.