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Nickname: T40ORA T40ORA's car
Name: Lee Price
Member Since: 13th January 2006
Total Posts: 4,831
Occupation: Lean, mean training machine 
Region: South East (Dorset) 
Country: United Kingdom 
On the brink of buying my first TVR - a Tamora. Jan 2006 <br/> <br/>21st Jan 2006 - I did it! Deposit went down today. Hurry up Easter.. <br/> <br/>Off to the factory on Friday 24th March. With camera! <br/> <br/>Roll on week of 3rd April - delivery to Racing Green. <br/> <br/>I GOT IT!! Picked up from John and Martin (Jolly nice chaps, what?) Friday 7th. Just under 300 miles put on during it's inaugural run. Love it sooo much... <br/>Looks fantastic in Reflex Charcoal, with anthracite 18" rims. Forest green and stone full hide interior. Opened the garage door the other night and nearly had a heart attack; couldn't believe it was there, and mine, and such a looker. <br/> <br/>So, 10k miles later (in under 6 months) and what do I think? LOVE HER! So far, no problems and so much fun!