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Nickname: Oddball RS Oddball RS's car
Name: Dean Fairbourn
Member Since: 17th February 2006
Total Posts: 1,575
Occupation: Bottle washer 
Region: South Yorks 
Country: United Kingdom 
At the moment i miss sleep most...... <br><br>Previous motors, Current to first. <br><br>GD Euro Cobra (6lt LS2)<br>GT3 Mk2 (now a three seater) <br>Lotus Exige 240 Cup <br>GT3 RS <br>GT3 Mk1 <br>340R <br>Elise Sport 160 <br>Fiat Coupe Turbo <br>Fiat Coupe <br>Minis (Real ones) <br>Opel Kadet (aka a chuvit)<br></div><br><br></div><br><br></div>