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Nickname: esso esso's car
Name: Alan Higginson
Member Since: 12th March 2006
Total Posts: 1,588
Occupation: Service Engineer 
Region: Rugby 
Country: United Kingdom 
Had 1996 4.2 Cerb~self ignighted!!! Now got 1998 4.5 TVR Cerbera.Did Le-Mans in it 2007,1008 miles~no issues!Gotta do it again next year!
Costs a fookin arm & a leg to run but wouldnt sell it for the world!
Now got a short induction kit & Whirlwind Chip
Le-Mans 2010 here we GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Yep...did it with 20 other nutters in TIV`s...took its toll on the Cerb tho`..clutch started to slip!!!
Just had all the suspension,steering & brakes rebuilt,well worth it.Owned it 7+ years now and its still a fantastic car.
Le- Mans 2013 booked... Cerb...or Supercharged Chim.....or Turbo Chim!.....looking like the Cerb is favourite!...done it in the Cerb...1100 miles with no issues.
Le-Mans 2014 booked!-6 TVR`s..1 Porche(sic) & 1 Audi.....