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Nickname: muppet42 muppet42's car
Name: Rob Hamilton
Member Since: 12th March 2007
Total Posts: 205
Occupation: Caravan salesperson...don't shoot me. 
Region: Renfrewshire, Scotland 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: http://hamiltonrob.tumblr.com/
I've been into cars and motorsport since I was but a toddler and still vividly remember watching Mansell and Piquet battle in the mid-80's when I visited my grandparents as a child.

My car history isn't long for a person in his 30's but I'll blame this on spending my money on way too many other things, bad finance options and just plain bad planning.

I accidentally fell into the world of Fiats when I bought a lowly 1.2 8v mk2 Punto. It's a surprisingly decent car (driven a mk2.5 recently to refresh my memory) and feels far more solid than reputation would have you believe but I traded that in for a slightly financially ruinous 1.2 16v Stilo. Another car with a really bad rep and I was paying way too much per month for it (£199 pm for 4 years) but near the end of it, I started modifying it and it turned out to be a good laugh as shown by my in depth review of it in my garage. The 1.2 actually matched the car very well being light, it made the front end very planted and revved incredibly freely sounding like a mini-VTEC at full chat despite being a lowly 80bhp as standard. I popped a custom cat-back system on and built a re-routed induction system so it may have made a little difference. Certainly passengers and the exhaust builder were shocked it was a 1.2, one saying it felt more like a 1.8 at least at speed. Maybe the 6-speed box helped. But yeah, Eibach dampers/springs, OMP front brace and it handled brilliantly on Dunlop Sports and the standard 16" alloys - think larger alloys may have spoilt it and a lower drop than 50mm would've been too far.

Accumulative stuff in terms of wear and tear and wanting a change led me to sell it and get what I currently drive...a 20v Coupe.

It was bought for shed money and does need stuff doing but that engine sounds properly amazing and I do like the looks. Real world performance, unless it's a straight line, the Stilo would run rings around it - brakes are terrible on the Coupe and the rather worn springs/shocks leave a lot to be desired. Plus it has pretty budget tyres on too-big alloys. I may keep it a while longer but there's jobs needing doing all over so may get rid, possibly for something Japanese or Bavarian ;)

I'd love to get into Journalism but know it's nearly impossible to get into and stay in and the number of folk vying for attention isn't a small one. One day perhaps and hey, I have a rather non-specific BA in Media to help me along so I must be a shoe-in lol