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Nickname: phazed phazed's car
Name: Peter.
Member Since: 2nd April 2007
Total Posts: 12,467
Occupation: Track day spin instructor and cone hit man! 
Region: Free in Surrey, (until they get me!). 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: www.mustbejoking.com
My TVR, track days, and green laning . Notable others; My wife, 4 children, 2 dogs, 12 chickens.

Fly past


Graph at Joolz RR with hydraulic lifters and H404 cam

New black RL7 wheels fitted April 2015


October 2013

Graph of the 5.5 after I bought the car and rectified some problems. Taken October 2013.

Engine bay when I bought the car in late 2013.

Engine bay as of November 2013

Tuscan brakes & 5 stud hubs

Oil cooler mods in progress.

Installing MegaSquirt

New 2 post lift in newly built garage

Nice rear!

4.6 bay

4.6 bay

In progress

Lupo lights

SS dash and new switches

SS dash

Recent Lupo light conversion.

Interesting journey back from Goodwood .

How to bring up your children.


Motel Hill, Wales. Articulation baby!

Teach your son to drive and what does he do? Actually drove it home, VW quality!

This is what keeps me occupied, all at home + the boys various girlfriends, Christmas 2013
It's like a commune!

Christmas 2014.