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Nickname: K12beano K12beano's car
Name: Unknown
Member Since: 11th May 2001
Total Posts: 15,959
Region: Hertfordshire 
Country: United Kingdom 
I think I was originally Beano-something or another. I rememeber when all this were fields y'know.

Then I became beano500 - mostly because of the love of my life at the time a 5 litre Griff.

But of course life develops. The misnomer has been perpetuated through a long ownership of a 4 litre Tuscan.

So now it makes sense that I'm coming full circle to a two-wheeled experience that I should once again reflect the machinery.

Hence a K1200S rider becomes K12BNO - K12beano

Now available on Twitteryness @K12Beano