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Nickname: eps
Name: Philip Shotton
Member Since: 27th November 2001
Total Posts: 4,135
Occupation: Software Developer - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 
Region: Oxfordshire 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: www.themotorsportcalendar.com
Used to be a Ginetta G27 Series 3 owner. Now I only own dull stuf... frown

Attended Le Mans since 1997, plus the a few PreQual Weekends and the first Classic LM.

Completed a Nat. B. ARDS test.. (11/2001), got my Nat A licence.. Raced for 2 years, entered the Ginetta 2002 Championship in a G20!! car #77 and came 6th in class, not too bad for a first season of Motorsport. Entered in the 2003 Championship... then helped out Richmond Racing in the BGT Championship <img src="/inc/images/smile.gif" alt="smile"> GT4 championship which we won!!

Software is my thing. Android App Developer, four free Apps and counting... SQL, Unix, C, AllFusion:Gen, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Jscript.