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Nickname: TheFarmer TheFarmer's car
Name: Andrew James Walker
Member Since: 5th January 2002
Total Posts: 291
Occupation: Engineer 
Region: Lancashire/Cumbria Border 
Country: United Kingdom 
Sold my TVR Chimaera 4.0l in July 2007 for a TVR Cerbera 4.2. The Chimaera was great and only let me down once in 4 years (50,000 miles) due to the battery. The Cerbera is just amazing :-))), the garage were I bought it was not! Cerbera sold earlier this year.

Currently driving a 2001 Tuscan Mk1.

Regular Tunnel Runner - even though it is a 585 miles round trip. My first Tunnel Run was the 16th January 2006 when 250+ cars turned up. I was at the April 2006 Tunnel Run which was filmed for Sky One, Vroom Vroom. A mad night, I was stood with Ed and Gruffy when Emma interviewed them AND I also got a mention in the finished program! Emma said; '200 super cars from as far away as Holland!

Now living back in the UK, in the Lake District. Great place to live and some amazing driving roads.