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Nickname: Ballistic Banana Ballistic Banana's car
Name: Simon
Member Since: 6th January 2002
Total Posts: 14,616
Occupation: Hot Glove Linesman by Day, Phantom Banana Picker By Night 
Region: Bedfordshire 
Country: United Kingdom 
My Website: http://www.thegriffithpages.com
<div><img src="http://www.thegriffithpages.com/images/bb_banner_1.jpg"><br><br>Webmonkey of http://www.thegriffithpages.com with the help of Wildeep and a lot of Griffith owners <img src="/inc/images/biggrin.gif" alt="biggrin"><br><br>Also http://www.griffgrowl.com<br>Done a couple of these, Great fun Cheers eddie <br><img src="http://homepage.ntlworld.com/bigmark82/pics2/tunnel_runners.jpg"><br><br>Got a huge one of these on my landing, looking up the stairs it looks great. <br><br><img src="http://www.practech.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/misc_files/stevelemans.gif"><br><br>Honourary Member of Le Mans Posse <br><br><img src="http://inlinethumb06.webshots.com/33285/2839053020041575918S500x500Q85.jpg"><br></div>